Sunday, February 17, 2008

Is Barack H. Obama A Gay, Arab Druggie? Is This The Best We Can Do?

You can tell that things have gotten desperate on the campaign trail.

A video is making the rounds showing a scruffy white guy claiming he performed a sex act on Barack Obama in the back of an automobile, after they had done cocaine together. This alleged encounter took place in the late 90s according to the alleged participant, not way back when Sen. Obama was in the throes of youthful indiscretion. The senator has written of past drug abuse in his autobiography but maintains that it was long ago and far away and isn't relevant to his current incarnation.

I'll get back to that in a minute, but the other big deal on the Democratic race this weekend is a review of the Senator's racial heritage which concludes that he is NOT the first BLACK presidential candidate in America, although he may be the first American presidential candidate of Arabian heritage!

I got this from the Atlas Shrugs blog, and you can check it out further there. It has origins in the national media including the Washington Post and Chicago Tribune, but I have neither the room nor the inclination to rehash it all here. Check out Atlas Shrugs and if you want to take it further be my guest. I am simply pointing out that all this information is swirling around out in the political universe.

Having a hard time keeping up with all this, or have your information sensors gone into overload and shut down? Interesting isn't it, that all the questions are surfacing about Obama, but Hillary seems uncharacteristically quiet?

So, is the video a product of the Clinton camp dirty tricks, or has John McCain cut a back room deal with his preferred opponent, or is it just a case of anti-Barack hysteria that independent activists have produced to sink his campaign?

Who knows? I don't. The guy who appears on the video probably does, although even that isn't certain. He does challenge Barack to take a lie detector test, saying he will too, apparently to prove the truth of his allegation.

The problem with lie detector tests is that a pathological liar can pass them. It isn't whether or not the subject is telling the truth that matters, it is whether or not the subject believes he is telling the truth, that allows liars to pass polygraphs.

But the allegations and challenges aside, my problem with this video is that it panders to the basest and lowest of human emotions and prejudices while there are so many honorable and valid ways to challenge Barack's qualifications to be president.

If you want to beat Barack, go on his inexperience in foreign affairs, his state of denial over the War on Terror and our continuing victories and mounting successes in Iraq. Pin him down on gun control and the Second Amendment; ask him about welfare, social security, national defense.

Personally I am sick to death of seeing candidates running for office only to be sabotaged by back street scumbags who are willing to do just about anything for a few bucks. It isn't just that viable candidates get tossed out of the race, it is that other, possibly far better and more qualified candidates won't even consider entering politics.

If we don't like the way things are going in Washington, we have to change the manner in which we decide who gets to go there first. I have a friend who responds to anyone expressing surprise over human frailties "If you plant potatoes, you get potatoes."

If we keep eliminating qualified candidates for office based on their innermost private lives - and I am NOT talking about drug abuse or semi-public sexual encounters here - we will be left with people who in all likelihood are no better than those who are eliminated, but have sold out to special interests so they won't be exposed.

And let's get to the heart of the issue regarding Barack Obama and his sexual preferences. Have you seen the videos of his rallies where thousands of gushy, twittering little girls are just so excited about being near him? Have you seen the news on this fainting phenomenon where these gushy little girls get so oxygen deprived that they swoon?

Do you honestly think those groupies wouldn't do his bidding in the campaign bus if he asked? Don't kid yourself. Barack is to politics what the Stones are to rock 'n' roll.

Even if he is gay, or bisexual, why would he waste his time having a sordid liaison with some crud? Barack Obama has been a rising star in political theater for well over a decade, and don't think for a minute that he just suddenly burst on the political scene.

He was on stage with Kerry four years ago at the Democratic convention, remember? That wasn't by chance. That was probably planned out years in advance. People have been keeping an eye on him, guiding him, and moving him along at exactly the right pace.

If you want to know Barack Obama, go back and look at his backers and handlers for the past decade. When you know them, you'll know him.

You can bet the farm that they know his sexual preferences and whether he has drug habits. And you can put a second bet down that if he wanted sex with a guy in the back of a limo, it would be a fit, good looking guy, not some wasted, washed up, coke snorting loser.

But in the final analysis, I have to pass on a comment that came from a close associate the other day. He was noting that the GOP primary race started out with lots of choices and high hopes for some new blood and new ideas in Washington, but appears to have ended up with a long-time insider with some good points and some baggage as the presumed - but not confirmed - candidate.

On the Democratic side we have mirror images of America bashing, liberalism trying to convince their base that each is more liberal than the other.

My associate put it best and I will not attempt to improve on his question: "With 300 million people in this country, is this the best we can do?"


usmcobra said...

I have to disagree with you on Obama's choice of sexual liaisons.

Assuming he is as randy and hard up for drugs and sex as this person has alleged it makes perfect sense to approach someone who would be viewed as the last possible person on earth anyone would want to have sex with much less gay drug sex.

Remember George Michaels and his trucker driver from Brighton that he got caught in the act with...

Well there you have it...

If it is true, I mean if you can get anyone, why get someone that has a face uglier than bad pizza,

Simple no one will believe them over you.

Fred said...

My bet is it came from the Clinton camp. Dick Nixon never had anything on them when it comes to dirty tricks.

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