Thursday, October 16, 2008

Associated Press Attacks "Joe the Plumber!" Objective Journalism? Obama Already Putting Americans Out of Work?

Joe the Plumber, the working man from Middle America who had what may turn out to be an unfortunate encounter with Barack Obama, has been outed by the Associated Press which has revealed Joe doesn't have a plumbing license!

After a minutes long investigation during which at least one person was interviewed, probably over the telephone, the AP is now crowing in its latest pro-Obama expose that Joe had the temerity to respond that he doesn't need a license.

"Oh Yeah?" Retorted the AP? "Why Not?"

"Because I work for someone else and am not required to have a license," Joe averred.

But after another 30 seconds of incisive investigative reporting the AP was able to located a county bureaucrat who says Joe may be mistaken and at least his company has to have a license, but also doesn't.

The future of the two man firm, which gained national fame when Joe told Barack Obama earlier this week that he'd like to purchase it and be his own boss some day, now is in jeopardy.

Joe made the mistake of eliciting an admission from Obama that the Pretender to the Presidency actually would be charging him a much higher tax rate for realizing the American Dream and making a good living for himself.

Barack told Joe, that if Joe becomes successful, he should "share the wealth."

Hey, Barack has a lot of money and really big mansion. How about sending a few hundred grand my way? I have a couple projects on the back burner due to the economy, and if Barack shared his wealth with me, I could spread it around to a bunch of small contractors in my area.

Unconfirmed reports from the front indicate that Obama's Personal National Police force, which at the moment is still operating under the guise of Secret Service, are now looking into confiscating Joe's house, vehicles, kid, neighbors, and goldfish since his view of the world doesn't put Barack in a good light.

"We'll prosecute his ass to the fullest extent of the law," said an unnamed local reporter for an entirely forgettable news outlet. The reporter was reportedly a distant cousin of another alleged journalist who earlier this month created a national stir when he lied by saying he had heard someone yell "Kill Him!" at a McCain-Palin rally.

The alleged threat was supposed to be aimed at Barack, but even though the Secret Service and police were swarming all over the rally and have interviewed huge numbers of people since, the only person who heard the alleged remark is the alleged reporter. HMMMMM. Things that prove again and again that the media is in the tank for Barack Obama.

Anyway, Joe the Plumber says he is studying to take the test for his license, and I'm sure this will all work out once Barack and the media forget about him. Unless the bureaucrats in Joe's area are looking for their own 15 minutes of fame and get it by busting him and forcing him out of business and onto the unemployment line.

Is there a moral to this story. Well, yes kind of.

It goes like this: If you are at home minding your own business, and you see Barack Obama, a bunch of Democratic campaign workers, and the media heading down your driveway, run inside as fast as you can go.

Shut the door and lock it. Pull the drapes and shades. Don't answer the phone, don't answer the door, and by all means don't talk to them. You never know, you could end up jobless, broke and subjected to a fine for trying to make an honest living.


Anonymous said...

The media harpoon "Joe the Plumber" by pointing to him and shouting, "Look Joe the Plumber doesn't even have a plumber's license".

Joe doesn't need a license.

There are two steps to get a license. First you've got to achieve "Journeyman" status.

To do that you have to work for at least two years as a plumber, then take a written test.

If you pass that test, you're licensed as a Journeyman, but you still can't pull permits. Then you have to work at least two years as a Journeyman until you're eligible to take the test for Master Plumber.

If you pass that test, then you're finally a "licensed" plumber and can pull the permits. You also are responsible for anyone working under your license doing their work up to code.

So to become a "licensed" plumber, you're required by law to work at least four years without a license before you can acquire one. A little diligence and a little research and the "free press" wouldn't look like such a bunch of bufoons.

What we have here is Joe the Plumber waiting in the rope line to meet Obama the Emperor. When the messiah comes up to Joe, Joe says, "Look, look, the emperor has no clothes!"

The press shout, "Seize him! Seize him!" Nobody shall be allowed to offend the messiah!

Anonymous said...

if "Joe the Plumber" doesnt bother to pay his taxes, why is he whining?

I cant believe with all the challenges facing America, our discourse is about Joe the Plumber and Joe Six Pack.

How sad for America.

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