Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Barack and Biden and Carville! Oh My! The Fine Line Between Bullies and Champions

If I have this correct, I am labeled a racist if I don't vote for Barack Obama because I don't agree with his view on government and politics, even though I would never in a million years vote for a white man who shares his views.

Furthermore, if I don't vote for Barack Obama, and millions of other people in America don't vote for him either, then we are all racists, who mindlessly vote based on skin color rather than our view of government and politics.

And, to top it all off, if John McCain gets elected, all black people in America are going to rise up, start shooting white people and burning down the country.

Once again, don't take my word for it. James Carville the Democrat spokesman and operative said earlier this month that if Obama loses it will be either "dramatic" or "traumatic" depending on which news outlet provides your information. Most people who reported on his comments said he was threatening riots if Obama loses the election.

Then, last week, Joe Biden tells two groups of Democrat supporters that if Obama is elected the US is going to be "tested" - meaning attacked - within six months of Inauguration Day.

Most commentators took Biden's follow-up comments, that an attack could come from Russia or the Middle East, at face value. I had to laugh when Obama gave Biden a one-day timeout for his comments, and then tried to explain to the media, which adoringly lapped it up, that Biden really meant something else when he spoke so plainly and said the same thing on two occasions.

OK, I'll take Barack's point of view. Maybe an attack also could come from within, especially if Obama moves quickly to establish his National Police Force that he advocated in a speech in Colorado last July.

Remember when he said he wants national police force of the same size and strength as the military? Meaning he would have a force that could offset any intervention if there are activities on US soil that meet the definition of "all enemies foreign and domestic?"

Biden seems to know something and obviously has a very hard time keeping it to himself. But there is a warning in Biden's words and Carville's words and Obama's associations.

Never mind that no one is alive today who was subjected to the wrongs of the distant past; never mind that two generations of Americans have grown up in an America where the law of the land not only demands equal treatment for all, it requires equal treatment for all; never mind that the bulk of Americans alive today are descended from immigrants who were neither slaves nor masters three hundred years ago, two hundred years ago, nor even one hundred years ago.

Yet we have Carville thinly hinting of riots, Biden openly telling us we not only will be attacked within six months of Inauguration Day, but also telling his own supporters that they won't like the response and it will appear that we are not doing the right thing.

And we have Obama, with so many associations of questionable nature that we can't be sure of anything about him.

I had to chuckle at Biden's plea for his supporters to stick with the presumed Obama Administration if and when this attack comes, and the response appears to be so wrong, because in the long run everything will turn out fine! What does that mean?

Does Biden mean that everyone who is moderate or conservative politically will be imprisoned or dead? America will taken over by a foreign power? Biden gets to keep his millions, Obama gets to keep his and the middle class once again becomes the peasant class for a new form of aristocracy?

Think not? Check out the control that Bill Ayers had over his Underground Weathermen back in the 60s and 70s - even to the point of telling them when and with whom they would have sexual relations. Somehow I don't think that is what most American women want for themselves and their daughters when they speak of sexual equality.

Yet that was but one manifestation of the utter disregard and disdain that group had for basic American values - and remember, in their purest form the most basic of American values transcend race, religion, and national origins.

Then look at how much involvement Ayers has with Obama's political career. Obama can protest all he wants, Ayers is a mentor, has been a mentor, and will continue to be a mentor.

You can tell yourself that this is all just speculation and fear mongering, but my response is that you are living in denial. I don't believe for a minute that most black people in America are just waiting for a chance to hit back at "whitey."

There are plenty of white people in America who want to overthrow our democratic form of government and replace it with extreme socialism or communism, and there are plenty of black people, the bulk of black people as a matter of fact, who are prospering in America and won't support anarchy, socialism or communism either.

We all would lose under an Obama presidency. But the reality is that it wouldn't take a huge percentage of disaffected Americans of any race, or all races, to put the rest in bondage.

Want to know how? Start with controlling communications. That part is almost accomplished already. The mainstream media, including outlets in large and small markets, already is in the tank for every non-conservative candidate running for office in America.

The Internet, which is the only saving grace for those of us who are seeking the real truth, is run through the Pentagon. Control the Pentagon, say by being the Commander-in-Chief and you control the Internet.

And don't tell me about cell phones; they operate through government controlled satellites. Control the satellites, you control all forms of long-distance communication, including voice, faxes, videos, you name it.

Once communications are under control, you disarm the populace. Think not?

Consider this. A few weeks ago I attended a forum on the erosion of American freedoms at which constitutional attorney Robert A. Levy was a keynote speaker. Levy is co-author with William Mellor of the book The Dirty Dozen which explains a dozen Supreme Court decisions that have steadily eroded the freedoms Americans once took for granted.

After hearing Levy speak I was impressed with his grasp of the control our government has taken over our daily live. I chatted with him and bought a copy of his book which shows us in just 12 Supreme Court cases just what we are facing now, and could be facing in the future from a government run amok.

One of these is Bennis Vs. Michigan in which a woman whose husband used one of the family cars in which she had a demonstrable fifty-percent interest, for a tryst with a prostitute. He was caught, the car was confiscated and his wife took umbrage at losing the automobile since she had nothing to do with the charges lodged against her husband. The automobile was only incidental to the crime - and as Levy pointed out, the tryst could have taken place anywhere.

It wasn't as if the car was used by a prostitute to ply her business, say like a bootlegger or drug runner. But the wife lost, and the state kept the car, even though the wife was a victim in what the left often refers to as a "victimless crime."

Then take the case of Kelo vs. New London, Connecticut in which that city confiscated an entire neighborhood under eminent domain and gave it to a private developer based on the false claim that it would provide economic development - offices, upscale housing, shops and a marina.

The Supreme Court upheld that claim too. Yet the promised development has not been built to this day. People lost their homes and land, under a false claim that the greater good would be served, but it wasn't.

So what happens if our new president undergoes an attack from without or within, declares a state of emergency, takes over the Internet and all forms of communication for national security, and orders confiscation of all firearms for the same reason that Mrs. Bennis lost her car in Michigan? All that has to be proved is that it is possible that they could be used in a crime and presto!, they are gone.

Bennis vs. Michigan says the government can take your firearms even if they aren't used in the commission of a crime, and Kelo vs New London, Connecticut says it can confiscate your home and property under the flimsiest of rationales.

Good luck myoptic friends. I have a sinking feeling that all is not going to be well in America the day after Election Day.

We always seem to have an ample supply of people who think that they know what is best for everyone else, and once they impose their will on everyone else, we all will see the wisdom of having no personal rights.

I would remind them, or inform them, that there is a very fine line between a bully and a champion. Both have strength but the bully uses his strength in a very different manner than a champion. In particular, a champion defends those who are afflicted, while a bully just afflicts.

According to the words and actions of Barack and Biden and Carville, a very large part of America is in for a major dose of affliction. That isn't my interpretation, that is what they are saying.

I hope they are wrong.


David M said...

The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the - Web Reconnaissance for 10/23/2008 A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the check back often.

Fred said...

Scary stuff Ron. But it is just what has been eating at me for months. Obama scares me and he should scare anyone that loves the American way of life. I am afraid that, if elected, our freedoms will disappear and our lives will never again be the same. There is something sinister about him. What will be revealed if he is elected.

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