That pretty much sums it up. McCain did it and he did it without resorting to gutter tactics.

Obama said "eight years of failed George Bush policies," a bunch of times, and then he elaborated by saying, uh, I'm not sure. But it had a lot to do with George Bush.

I liked it when McCain said to Obama, "Senator I am not George Bush. If you wanted to run against him you should have done it four years ago."

Obama's response wasn't all that hot. He stuttered and stammered a lot. Some people thought he was really, really dynamic, but they were on TV and they're paid to make up their minds ahead of time so what do they know? You can watch the debate on the Internet if you want and you'll see what I saw, Obama doing a lot of stammering and stuttering.

He wasn't very good on the abortion question at all. Not so hot on explaining his health insurance plan either. I don't want national health insurance, because frankly, I don't want a government doctor screwing around with my innards. Look what they do with our taxes!

And that's all she wrote folks.

McCain looked pretty good tonight. Obama just said the stuff he says on the campaign trail.

Oh, one last thing, Obama never apologized to McCain or repudiated a claim by a civil rights leader comparing McCain and Sarah Palin to George Wallace. Pretty lame on his part.

He also didn't dispute that claim that he has spent more money on negative ads than any other political aspirant in history.

So, who you going to vote for? My mind's made up.