The bottom line was that at the end of 90 minutes of debating, Joe Biden was ranting, angry, emotional, nearly breaking down at one point.

Sarah Palin was still cool, collected, and in charge of her message and her emotions.

Wait, which one is supposed to be subjected to mood swings??

Palin did far better than just meeting Biden, she beat him. She never got off track, she never lost the point of her message and she never lost her composure.

She didn't do a lot of one liners, except pointing out that in the morning there will be films of what Biden said back when, as opposed to what he is saying now.

Biden spoke nearly constantly of the Bush Administration, while Palin spoke of the future and what she and John McCain envision.

She fielded the foreign relations, energy, and domestic policy questions with aplomb.

If handling tough times and the pressure of a national debate is an indication of who should be the vice president, one heartbeat away from the presidency, Sarah Palin proved she is more than up to the task.

At the end of the day Biden was looking hard, emotional and distraught. He wanted to point a finger of blame anywhere he could so long as it didn't come back at him. Biden looked like a man who knew he hadn't done the job.

He didn't look like a vice president.