Saturday, October 18, 2008

Barack The "Magi" Terrorist? Check Out Ayers, Dohrn, and ACORN Yourself

There are two parts to this post. The first is what I have to say, and the second is what I'd like you to see. If you don't have a lot of time, why don't you just cut and paste the link below so you can see a YouTube video that comes in two parts.

Part one tells you all you need to know about the wannabe intellectuals Bill Ayers and his "wife" Bernardine Rae Dohrn who tried to engineer a violent overthrow of the United States in the 60s, 70s, and 80s; part two tells of their relationship to Barack Hussein (Steve) Obama.

You know how Barack likes to say that he was only 8-years-old when Ayers was bombing stuff and teaching his brain dead followers to kill people?

Bill Ayers in 2001 Wiping His Pseudo-elitist feet on the American Flag!

Well if you watch this video you'll see that Ayers and Dohrn continued their terrorist activities well past that time. (Barack was born in 1961.) They were just getting started in '69, and continued their attacks into the 80s.

In fact, the Wikipedia online encyclopedia says that Dohrn was a leader of the terrorist organization Weather Underground until she and her husband Bill Ayers came out of hiding in 1980. Nonetheless, they continued to support other members of the group who were continuing their attacks on the United States.

At that point Barack was 19, and both Ayers and Dohrn have refused ever since to renounce their violent crimes and acts of treason, and in fact, still brag about them.

The last violent assault by the Weather Underground was in 1983 when they attacked a Brinks armored bank car, killing two guards and a policeman. Barack Obama was 21. I guess he had his nose too deep into cocaine to take notice of what his future mentors were doing back then.

Although much of the questioning regarding Barack's character has to do with his relationship with Ayers, he also is friends with Dohrn - since Ayers and Dohrn are still married - and she was right there with her husband when they helped launch Barack's political career in their living room.

Dohrn is certainly worth a closer look. She was widely criticized in 1969 for a comment she made about the Charles Manson led Tate-LaBianca murders in Dec. 1969.

She said, "Dig it! First they killed those pigs and then they put a fork in their bellies. Wild!" Later on she said she was just kidding!

I don't believe it either. The kidding part I mean.

What a sweetheart. Can you believe that this woman raised three children, two of them her own? Can you imagine what those kids have grown up believing? Did she speak glowingly of her support for a nutcase mass murderer when she told her children bedtime stories? Or did she just stick to bomb manufacture and booby traps?

And in their ritzy neighborhood in Chicago they are considered upright citizens! What a bunch of mouth-breathing Neanderthals must live in that neighborhood. Property values there must be a steal!

There has to be something in the air and the water out there. Obviously, it isn't only the Illinois political system that is corrupt and peopled by self-serving ignoramuses. It is beginning to look like the "upper crust" of Chicago society is merely the same sort of "crust" that is left in the settling tanks at a sewage treatment plant.

So we have to ask ourselves, just who is Barack Hussein Obama anyway?

Is this the real Barack Obama?

Or is this more to his liking?

Which picture of him is more representative of the real Barack?

And get this. Before Dohrn became a communist stooge, she actually graduated from law school! She may have been a stupid terrorist, but she also was an "educated" terrorist, and should have known better.

Dohrn has never been allowed to practice law, according to Internet reports, since even the Chicago legal system has some standards, lower than whale feces though they may be, and she can't get a license even there. (Maybe she should try out for plumbing work. Nah, too far above her pay grade and skill set.)

So, since she couldn't flourish in the legal profession, she now is an Associate Professor of Law at Northwestern University School of Law and the Director of Northwestern's Children and Family Justice Center. And we wonder why we have such a screwed up legal system!

Let's get that little institute of higher learning way, way up on the list of places we'd never send a child to get a legitimate education, shall we?

Anyway, it is clear that Obama has worked with, for, and around Ayers and Dohrn for more than a decade.

Oh, and while we're at it, the video has some great information on how the "voter registration" group ACORN was founded back in the day by another Weather Underground simpleton. All these years later it has grown, still is spreading its pro-communist philosophy, and Barack Hussein Obama is up to his eye teeth in it.

It is clear from what you'll see on the video above that these terrorists not only have never renounced their past, they glory in it. What is not clear, is how Barack Hussein Obama expects us to believe that even though he helped them spread their communist philosophy in the Chicago school system, he thinks we (meaning those of us who think it is incredible that anyone is even considering voting this guy in as President of the United States) shouldn't make a connection between them and him.

And if we do, we're racist. I see.

It isn't racist, Hussein old man, I just don't like violent communist assbites who believe that my life is worth nothing while theirs is worth something, thus mine can be sacrificed, except in their minds it is no sacrifice.

I never thought I'd say this, but drooling, mindless, moronic sociopaths like these nitwits give communist philosophers a bad name.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting the truth out on these saks of feces. I took an oath upon entering the service to defend our nation against all enemies foreign and domestic. They were actively helping the NVA/VC while we were in Nam. I have never disavowed my oath and still consider Ayers, Dohrn, and their affiliates my enemy. May they burn in hell!

W Page
1st Cav RVN

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