You may notice I didn't use the acronym BOHICA in the headline, I only used BOHIC.

That is because BOHICA means, Bend Over, Here It Comes Again, but none of the groups I listed above, nor those like them, have even gotten "it" in the first place! So I dropped the "Again," and I am merely pointing out that they are going to get "it," this time for the first time.

It, is defined as the massive assault on their incomes that will accompany Barack Obama's tax plan should he be elected president.

Oh, don't go giving me that Race crap again, this is his plan, not mine. Obama has said over and over again that this plan will not affect people in my income category, regardless of whether it is $250,00 or $200,000 or $150,000. Hi, I am a member of the middle class. Pleased to meet you.

So it doesn't affect me, but it sure will come as a surprise to all those pampered professional athletes earning millions each year, not to mention the effete lefties in Hollywood making millions per picture, and the drugged-out rockers, rappers, groupies and roadies that make up the music underworld.

Are you a rich celebrity who is famous for being a rich celebrity? Well BOHIC baby, you are about to get the shock of a lifetime.

When he is out on the campaign trail Sen. Obama likes to attack "the rich" as if there actually is a caste system in this country where "the rich" are born to wealth and no one else has a right to aspire to "richness." He likes to talk down to Americans as if only he and a few close friends can start at zero and make something of themselves.

Sen. Obama likes to make it appear that a only few hundred multi-national corporate CEOs will be adversely affected by his tax plan - and by God, they deserve it!

But Obama is silent on the fact that many thousands of individuals in this country are small businesses unto themselves. This includes athletes, musicians and overpaid actors and actresses who live lavish lifestyles thanks to the freedoms they enjoy as Americans. Many of them also spend much of their free time bad-mouthing the country that guarantees these freedoms.

While they are running their mouths, they also have to file as small businesses because they make so much money.

If they don't at least file as a Sole Proprietorship or reinvent themselves as a Sub S Corporation, they'll get whaled with income taxes that would take a massive chunk out of their salaries not to mention product endorsements, speaker and appearance fees.

Individuals who have formed themselves into a small business can write off far more of their incomes in that category than they ever would be allowed to if they file their tax returns as individuals. But members of all the classifications I mentioned above, and many, many others, make far above $250,000 per year.

So while the campaigning goes on and the media continues to tell the first Big Lie of the 21st Century, thousands of "rich" Americans are about to get such a jolt to their psyches that we probably won't see a good sports contest, movie, stage production or concert for a long, long time.

When and if this happens, which means when and if Obama becomes president, it will certainly be a huge shock to the affected elitists. But it shouldn't be a shock at all.

My mother told me many times when I was a child that "you are judged by the company you keep." Well, Mr. Obama keeps company with Islamo-fascists, domestic terrorists, socialists, communists and assorted fringe elements, and he has done this all his life. So it is absolutely fair and proper to judge him by his associations, and to forecast that should he become president Mr. Obama will push hard to get his tax plan through.

Then, the chickens really will come home to roost. And I don't want to hear any complaining about this either.

These people who think they will somehow be exempt from the excesses of an Obama administration should look up terms like "purges" or maybe "pogroms." With a little more research they should be able to find "Red Guard" or "Khmer Rouge," or "Pathet Lao." All good and proper role models for the first Obama administration.

Oh, the term "Useful Idiots" wouldn't hurt either. I don't care if Marx was the first to use it, or Stalin or no one, it sure fits in this case. Every time there is a communist revolution masquerading as a socialist revolution, the lemmings who blindly follow the leader into these death traps are the ones who scream the loudest when things don't pan out for them.

They are the ones who feel the stab of betrayal the most, and they also are the first to be shot. Sorry about that, it's the way it goes. Look up Che Guevara if you don't believe me. Or, should I say, Late Allies of the Late Che Guevara.

Check into the thousands murdered by Castro, or the millions by Stalin and Mao and Pol Pot. You'll see where this is going. Then look up William Ayers' ruminations on how many Americans need to be eliminated to make "The Revolution" take hold in the USA. I think the figure was 25 million. But again, don't take my word for it. You can find these figures under "Red Purges."

While we're at it, since there is about to be a massive redistribution of wealth, I'd like a car from Bruce Springsteen, and a new house from Bon Jovi. And just to show that I am looking past the immediate material wealth and have long term interests too, I'd like a retirement equal to that enjoyed by Congress - paid for by the On-Air staff, past and present, at NBC News.

I'll make up the rest of my bucket list as this pans out a bit further.