Sunday, October 01, 2006

Dems' Hypocrisy on Foley Can Backfire; CIA Agent Bares All

It is without question repugnant that a Republican member of the House of Representatives, Mark Foley of Florida, used his position to get a line on possible sexual targets among the ranks of male teenagers working as Congressional Pages.

Foley should be investigated to determine if he violated any laws during his exchange of graphic emails with a boy who was 16 at the time, and his decision to step down from the Congressional seat he disgraced should be only the first result of this gross violation of personal, parental and voter trust.

But even though I too have questions about the Republican House leadership, such as who knew what, when they knew it, and what they did about it, the Democratic side of the aisle, led by Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, and Jane Harman, the ultimate Monday Morning Quarterback, who also happens to represent Democrats in California, would do themselves a huge favor by taking the high road on this issue instead of attempting to turn personal sleaze to their political advantage.

I say this not because of politics, but because of humanity and the realities of human nature. To be more specific, if a pedophilic homosexual was discovered in the Republican ranks of Congress, you can bet your sweet bippy that there are more out there and some of them are bound to be Democrats. I strongly condemn what Foley was up to, but this could explode into a witch hunt with only a little prodding, and in any witch hunt the innocent are bound to get hurt as well as the guilty.

In my opinion, if there are more pedophiles, homosexual or heterosexual, using their positions in government to get a line on possible prey, they should be rooted out and thrown out regardless of their party affiliation. I am NOT attacking people based on their sexual identities here; I AM attacking people who prey on children.

History is replete with instances of people hiding the true nature of their sexual appetites behind images of charity, power, politics and religion, so we shouldn't really be surprised when a case like this arises.

It happens. It is humanity. But for the moment, we should remember that the core definition of a Conservative Republican doesn't include pedophilia, any more than does the core definition of a Liberal Democrat.

I believe that in general Americans are pretty tolerant people and are content with letting people be who they are, so long as members of the majority aren't cornered by activist types who have an agenda to push, and invariably take that agenda over the top. Essentially, Americans are world-wise and for the most part don't make the differences between us a reason to single anyone out for persecution.

I don't believe in bashing anyone for any reason, but especially based on gender, sexual identity, ethnic background or genetic blueprints.

It should be noted though, that in my world I am the one who decides what my children will be taught about sex, and when they are taught about it. Most people seem to agree with this approach and if left to my own devices I will teach in a way that dispenses information without dispensing bigotry.

But I take umbrage when someone with a different agenda attempts to usurp my rights and responsibilities as a father.

This is exactly what happened in Congress, and by all means it should be delved into and resolved. But in the meantime, Ms. Pelosi and Ms. Harman should take a big step back and get a few deep breaths before they continue to push their attack agenda.

This one, ladies and gentlemen, will blow up in your faces and you would do well to remind yourselves of the adage that people who live in glass houses ... etc.

Let's Hear It For The CIA

Did you happen to see former CIA operative Michael Scheur, the author of Imperial Hubris: Why the West is Losing the War on Terror, and the former chief of the CIA's Osama bin Laden Unit, on Fox News Sunday?

He was on a panel with another author, plus a Bill Clinton apologist and Chris Wallace, talking about the interview Wallace had with Clinton on that show last week, and Clinton blowing his top when asked if he had done enough to hunt down and kill Bin Laden.

Scheur came right out and said what many people believe but are too afraid to say in public "Bill Clinton and Sandy Berger lied!"

Wow! How often do you see that come out of Washington? And this guy didn't tiptoe around it either. He came right out and laid his cards on the table. He blew holes through all the posturing and spinning and other diversions that surround this issue.

Look, we all know that a lot more could have and should have been done in the anti-terrorism arena going back two decades now. But so many people, the above-mentioned Ms. Harman especially, have nothing to offer in the debate except Monday Morning Quarterbacking.

Their entire existence seems to revolve around finding fault with anything anyone else does, especially if that anyone else is George Bush. But you never, and I mean never, hear about other options or better battle plans. Just constant sniping, carping, complaining, whining and hand-wringing.


Well, we finally got it straight from a guy who was there, saw it all, has the documents, and knows exactly what was going on. Scheur has not exactly been a George Bush cheerleader in past interviews either, by the way. But he blew through the wall of crap that the American people have been handed daily for the past three years like a tank through tissue paper.

Loved it. Great show, great guest and it was absolutely refreshing to hear a guy tell it like it really is.


Anonymous said...

There was a funny exchange on that Fox Sunday Show; the exchange between Juan Williams and Brit Hume over the 14th amendment. Juan Williams feels that because we are Americans, we should tie our soldiers to the strictest codes of engagement, even if it means our soldiers get killed, because we are Americans. Brit Hume on the other hand seems to believe the constitution refers more too American rights rather then terrorists. Thank you Brit.

Also, this topic was discussed in the 1960’s television show Star Trek with William Shatner. In this episode an alien race makes the Captain fight Evil in exchange for the life of his crew. If Evil wins the forces backing Evil get power. (China, Russia) If Good wins then Good gets to go about its way. In the end Shatner defeats the Evil villains and saves the lives of his crew. The alien race is still perplexed though because both Good and Evil used the same tactics to kill one another.

In the end it’s about how you want to live after the war has been won Mr. Williams, not what tactics were used to win it!

Tampa, FL

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