Monday, October 09, 2006

Ill and Green Bean Tag Team the West with Nukes; North Korea Loves the Bomb and Iran is Next

International nut cases Kim Jong Ill and Green Bean Almandine are rejoicing over the North Korean nuclear test Sunday night, and in doing so are demonstrating one of the basic principles of combat against multiple enemies.

Anyone who has had to fight more than one person at a time knows that you never, NEVER, let them get you between them. You always fight one at a time and keep the other antagonist on the opposite side of your immediate opponent. Which means you have to be agile as well as powerful, and you have to fight on the move rather than from a fixed position.

But what we are seeing is an international version of Monkey in the Middle and unfortunately the US is the monkey. You can bet that now that KJ Ill has the prize, the other whack job, GB Almandine will do something to get our attention next and have us running back his way!

Meanwhile, China, Russia, the WTM and the Muslim extremists are sitting on the sidelines laughing their asses off at our ineffectiveness. Know how to put an end to this?

When the ball goes back to Almandine run up and kick KJ Ill in the privates! Hard. And when he goes down, keep kicking him, hard, in every vital spot you can find, until he is dead.

THEN turn your attention to GB Almandine. Want to have some real fun? Get a camera ready so you can have a shot of the look in Almandine's eyes when he suddenly realizes his ally is gone and he is next!

Talk about the dawn of realization! Should be great to use in the next round of political ads.

Meanwhile, the Untied Nations is calling for emergency sessions and planning on marathon talk fests, all of which is reminiscent of Shakespeare's "full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

Personally I'm calling my stock broker right away and telling him to invest heavily in textile and paper stocks. Why? Because the hand-wringers and whiners are going to be emotional to the max for the next couple of weeks and are going to go through handkerchiefs and tissue paper like you-know-what through a goose.

Probably should invest in tree companies too. The reforestation that is going to be necessary after this round will be monumental.

On a related point, I would make a note to our so-called 'friends' in China's leadership too. If you guys, starting with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao actually think that somehow, someway you are going to benefit from this you are in total denial. Yeah, I know, Jiabao laughed his ass off about the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the US and joked about the Japanese deaths in the World Trade Center, and got big laughs and applause from other leaders of Asian nations.

But you may well want to rethink that philosophy. Just because KJ Ill is oriental and you are oriental means nothing. There is no brotherhood of race here. Remember the history of relations between China and Korea. Chilling isn't it?

Thinking that somehow you can control this nut just because it serves both of your purposes to oppose and weaken the US is to believe that you really have an ally in Oh, Russia for instance. Think about it.

Rasputin says he is your ally now, but has Russia ever really been an ally of China? Even during the cold war you guys had far more troops on the Russia-China border than you did in Vietnam.

The world will not benefit from a nut job walking around with a nuclear weapon. The danger is only multiplied when you consider the scenario with two nut jobs walking around with nuclear weapons.

And I don't care if it was a big bomb or a small bomb that North Korea detonated, as some journalists have been discussing.

A big bomb is supposed to be primitive and thus the thinking goes, less dangerous.

Really? A spear is primitive too, but you'll have a hell of a time getting anything done today with one sticking right through your middle.


Hardline said...

Some parents never teach their children to respect boundries. They fail to teach them where the lines between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour are and that should these boundries be crossed, there will be hell to pay. Not surprisingly, once the kid has stepped across a few boundries, he becomes more and more beligerent with each additional boundry crossing, adopting the attitude that "he" has been wronged, until the parents decide to stop drawing boundries. Why would parents do this, i.e., stop teaching a child? The answer is, because if your not willing to demonstrate the consequences of such behaviour on a small scale, your child rightly learns just how impotent you really are. The same can be said of countries that are growing up. If you let them continue to cross 'lines in the sand', they will continue to do so for as long as allowed. Whereas the child who does this is labeled criminal, countries are called rogue. Take, for example, North Korea...

North Korea has been repeatedly warned about it's behaviour by other, more mature nations. Yet it continues to act with threatening, intimidating, and criminal manners. With children you can send them to their room, stand them in a corner, or give them a time out. If they fail to learn their lessons, children eventually adopt these attitudes as a life style and grow up to become problems for society. Society will find a way to manage them; first by reprimand, then by incarceration, and finally, in extreme circumstances, by death.

Nations of the world can not tolerate rogue nations, because their existence threatens global livelyhood. In the case of North Korea, the nations of the world have warned, repremanded, and isolated North Korea for it's behaviour. The time is drawing near to decide: Live or Die.

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