Tuesday, October 31, 2006

John Kerry is a POS Loser; Simmons Has it Right!

I have found that longer you live, if you keep your eyes open and stay objective when making judgments, you find yourself being right more and more of the time. Usually you have to wait for things to play out a bit, but when they do you get the occasional chance to say "I told you so."

I've noticed that Rush Limbaugh, who actually has a company keeping track of these things so he has the information on hand to thwart his critics, gets to say "I told you so quite often."

Well, today it is my turn.

Have you ever seen a faster example of proof of a position than John Kerry's unbelievably stupid, snide, arrogant, elitist comment to a group of students at Pasadena City College on Tuesday night? (Oct. 30, 2006) Kerry said, on film mind you, where it was captured for posterity, that if they make the most of college, work hard, and do their studies, "you can do well. If you don't you get stuck in Iraq."

What an unmitigated, disrespectful lousy thing to say about the people who are fighting and dying so a jackass like him can live a life of luxury, leaching off his rich wife.

Take just a minute if you will and read my post from yesterday about War Criminals, the KKK, etc. Did I or did I not accurately define the Democratic machine and the real attitude toward veterans and the military?

What a piece of s...! You know, this guy is the only person I know who was a draft dodger while he wore the uniform. Sometimes, when I see someone on the national stage making a total ass of himself, I can relate to someone I knew somewhere else in my life, often during my time in the Marines.

I can do an article that starts with something like "I knew a guy like that once, ..." and go on from there.

But for the first time that I can remember, I can honestly say I never knew another guy like Kerry in the military. Not because he was in the Navy mind you, but because he was a loser, a fake, a poser, an elitist, and a draft dodger who played the system.

I have never once bought the story about his so-called heroics, because anyone who has actually been in the service knows that his actions when he actually got to Vietnam were anything but heroic. He carried that motion picture camera around with him because he wanted to emulate John Kennedy and get elected, even to the point of crewing the Swift Boats much as Kennedy had crewed the PT-109.

But there the similarity stops because Kerry did just enough to keep from getting court-martialed, got out as fast as he could, pissed all over his colleagues, crewmates, peers and the entire US Armed Forces.

Then he turns around and tries to portray himself as some kind of a hero.

I have a question for Mr. Hero in light of his revealing statements at Pasadena College. What are the chances of you coming up to Connecticut and planting a heroic kiss right on my butt, you pea-brained, knuckle-dragging, unibrowed, mouth-breathing, bottom feeding, gold-digging, scum sucking, knee walking Neanderthal?

Never mind. I don't want to catch any diseases.

And this louse holds a news conference today and blames it on Bush! Jesus. Are you kidding me? This garbage bag lets his real feelings on the military slip and he doesn't even have the courage or strength of his convictions to apologize to the troops?! He blames Bush?! You know, the president, the guy who is responsible for hurricanes, tornadoes, meteor showers etc.

But Kerry is being braced by some REAL Vietnam veterans, including Sen. John McCain and Congressman Rob Simmons both of whom actually SERVED in Vietnam as opposed to APPEARING there to boost their resumes.

Simmons, whose Connecticut District includes New London where the Coast Guard Academy is located, said Tuesday afternoon that "For Senator Kerry to imply that our fighting men and women are only serving their country because they are intellectually inferior to their civilian peers is the worst possible insult to our troops and our veterans. It is irresponsible and only serves to dampen the morale of our brave troops. Our troops, like myself, Sen. McCain and other veterans served our nation honorably and were proud to do so.

"Our service academies, such as the Coast Guard Academy, have some of the toughest admission requirements and stringent academic programs of any higher education institution in the country. Those academies produce some of our finest soldiers and I would put their intellect up against any of Sen. Kerry's supposed intellectual elite any day.

"When our country is at war and our troops are fighting in dangerous places overseas, the last thing they need to hear is a United States Senator and a former Presidential candidate tell them they are not bright enough to make it in the civilian world.

"I am embarrassed by these remarks. If Joe Courtney (Simmons' opponent in the coming election and a non-vet who has called Simmons a War Criminal) agrees with this kind of statement, he can keep John Kerry's $1000. If he disagrees and believes in our troops, he should do the right thing and return it."

Kerry, apparently still smarting after finding out two years ago that President Bush has a higher IQ than he does, says the president is afraid to debate a REAL veteran. Where on earth does Kerry propose to find one? Over at John Murtha's office? And didn't Bush debate him three times and kick his flip-floping ass? What a coward. What a bull thrower. What a disgrace to his party, his country, his family, his name, his wife and the human race.

For the record. I told you so. Kerry proved it.


Right on, God Bless you for a great article

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why everyone wants Kerry to apologize. Think this world is a little too caught up on this crap. I have no doubt in my mind that Kerry believes what he said. So why should he apologize? You can't fix stupid, and I for one don't feel like listening to someone who would say, "I'm sorry that my words upset you". But he would never be sorry he said them. So let John Kerry and rest of his merry gang be who they are.

When someone like Kerry is busy hanging himself, be a good sport and give him plent of rope.

Tampa, FL

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