John Kerry's comments on Fox News Sunday this week on the international situation as it reflects Bush Administration policy reminded me of that joke about looking up something in the dictionary and seeing someone's photo next to the definition.

If you looked up 'flip-flop' you would see an up-to-date photo of Kerry. I bet there also would be a referral as in: See B.S.

I have been a FNS fan for a couple of years now, ever since I quite watching CBS Sunday Morning. I had watched that show since back when the late Charles Kuralt was the host, but Charles Osgood, who took over for Kuralt, became far too partisan even when the feature wasn't about politics, and I became disenchanted.

I was mentioning this to a friend some time ago and she in turn said that if I wanted to get an even review of the political scene with equal opportunities to comment from both sides I probably would be happy with Chris Wallace and the panel of commentators on FNS.

I tried it one Sunday morning and haven't looked back.

Now, about Kerry. It came as no surprise that he would bash the Bush Administration. That is what passes for intelligent debate on political issues in the Washington, D.C., circles these days, and Kerry never impressed me as being all that intelligent.

He wanted to be seen as the overwhelming intellectual favorite in the 2004 race. But then it was revealed that George Bush actually had a higher IQ than Kerry so the issue was dropped.

But today's was one of those shows that should be archived, like the ones back in the 70s when Kerry debated fellow Vietnam veteran John O'Neill on the Dick Cavett show and got his ass kicked even though he brought along a partisan audience to give the impression he was really scoring points.

Today, Kerry bashed Bush for going it alone in Iraq, (yes I know, we do have a coalition in Iraq, but according to the Kerry Theory it isn't the right coalition because it doesn't include the French) then bashed him again for seeking international consensus on Korea. Then he brought up that B.S. line about there being seven times more US troops in Afghanistan than in Iraq, apparently meaning we should have lots more troops in Afghanistan, totally ignoring the fact that our duties are being shared and in many cases taken over by the NATO alliance.

So, rather than seeing that in the light of international cooperation and taking some of the stress off of our military, he says Bush "cut and run" in Afghanistan.

He also trotted out that tired old concept that Iraq was NEVER the central point of the War on Terror and that since we went there, Al Qaeda has branched out into sixty some countries around the globe. This ignores all the evidence by people who really are smart instead of being able to recite nonsense by rote, that when Al Qaeda was being hounded out of Afghanistan in 2002 it moved operatives, leaders and equipment to Iraq. There Saddam Hussein gave them sanctuary, medical care, security and training facilities to set up a new launching point for continued attacks on the west.

This also ignores all the evidence that Al Qaeda was an international terrorist organization long before the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the US, with cells in dozens of countries including ours.

But for the all-time best example of a Kerry flip-flop I have to vote for the clip Wallace showed with Kerry on the rim of the Grand Canyon (yeah I know, but I'm not going there today) saying his vote on invading Iraq was the right vote, and Kerry then trying to explain his classic "I voted for it before I voted it against it" or was it "I voted against it before I voted it for it"?

Kerry now tries to explain that explanation of his opposing votes by saying ... oh hell, I'm not sure what he really was saying. By then it had gotten so convoluted I couldn't follow it any longer. And please don't respond that I can't follow Kerry's reasoning. It wasn't reasonable.

No, Kerry has gotten to the point where his positions can best be described by the adage "If you can't dazzle them with your brilliance, blind them with your bullshit."

Wallace noted that Kerry is "actively considering" a second run for the presidency in 2008, which Kerry acknowledged and said he has historical precedence for another shot, referring to such late great politicians as Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, and ... oh yeah, Henry Kissinger???!!!

OK, anyway, Kerry may want another shot at the White House, and this time he says he'll be a lot more forceful against the Swift Boat vets, led by O'Neill, who last time revealed Kerry's duplicity in hyping his nearly non-existent Vietnam War record. More forceful than filing lawsuits against individual vets, most now in the 60s and 70s, who have REAL medals for REAL wounds and bravery, who had the temerity to criticize him? Wow, can't wait to see that!

Kerry, if you really plan another run then release your Form 180. Let's see if it's true that you got a Dishonorable Discharge for collaborating with the enemy and had to wait for Jimmy Carter to give you a pardon as has been alleged in public for years now.

Run for president again? Well, after seeing him on FNS today all I can say is "Go Kerry." Man, if he does, these columns will write themselves and I can go back to selling books.