Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pelosi, Reid: Hypocrisy or Penis Envy?

Oh, my God, a US Congressman has been discovered harboring impure thoughts about a young man working as a Congressional page!

And this time, the Congressman is a REPUBLICAN! Kill him! Beat him! Castrate him! Drag him through boiling oil! Tar and feather that SOB and ride him out of town on a rail!

Yeah, and while you're at it, overlook similar flagrant abuses of power by Democrats in previous times, and FIRE DENNY HASTERT TOO! WHAT THE HELL, DISBAND CONGRESS, BRING IN THE COMMIES, GIVE THE TERRORISTS SOME TALKING POINTS AND A SEAT AT THE TABLE! IT'S ARMAGEDDON!!!

The level of hypocrisy the opposition party in Congress has descended to in the Mark Foley issue is enough to gag a maggot. And they even use Bill and Hillary Clinton to back them up. Are you kidding? Do the Democrats running their side of the zoo actually think the rest of America has lost its collective memory? Cigar anyone?

And if I see Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid on TV one more time pretending to take the moral high road when they represent one of the most immoral, corrupt, power-driven, envy-stricken political parties since the Roman Senate murdered Caesar, I swear I'm going to do something drastic!

I'm not kidding this time! I agree with Rush Limbaugh. It is time to unite behind the innocent who are being dragged into this through no fault of their own. It is time to fight back. It is time to act.

In fact, I may go beyond what Rush has suggested. I may go to extremes here. I may just follow the lead of the Democrats in this matter and turn their tactics right back on them. I may have to fire off a sternly worded rebuke, recall my envoy at the capital, I may even IMPOSE ECONOMIC SANCTIONS!! That'll fix those hypocrites over at the networks, just like it did to their buddies Saddam and Fidel.

Not one person I have talked to since the Foley scandal broke has a whit of sympathy for him. They believe he violated his office, his personal responsibilities, his duty to his country, his state, his district, his party, his family, himself, and most certainly his responsibility to the young people who go to our nation's Capitol to learn first-hand about the inner workings of government.

As many other commentators have noted in the past few days, there is a huge gap between homosexuality and pedophilia. Violating the trust of our children is an inexcusable offense, and nobody, but nobody, is buying this "I'm a closet alcoholic, and I'm checking myself into rehab," crap either.

The only reasons that entering treatment for addiction to prescription pain medication worked for U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy back in May after a highly publicized car crash near the Capitol that the congressman said he cannot recall, are because he is: 1) A Kennedy; and 2) A Democrat.

The media gave him a pass just like it has given generations of Democrats a pass whenever a moral breach arises. It doesn't matter what a Democrat does as far as the American Terrorist Media is concerned, it is excusable, even if it is the most heinous, extreme crime imaginable.

Likewise it doesn't matter what Republicans do, no matter how serious or even trifling, the ATM will pillory them and call for the resignation of the entire party if they think they can get away with it.

Mark Foley should be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of all applicable laws. Period. This is not negotiable, and I see nothing to joke about concerning his actions.

But fire Speaker of the House Denny Hastert? Puhlease. By all accounts Hastert was told of some questionable but non-threatening and non-sexual emails between Foley and the pageboy last spring and passed the word to Foley to knock it off!

But somewhere along the way there also were text messages, so-called IMs or Instant Messages, that were far more explicit, but that Hastert never saw. But somebody else saw them, because somebody else, a DEMOCRAT maybe, saved them, printed out copies of them, and released them to the media when it was politically expedient.

Which means someone out there really does need to get fired for ignoring the safety and well-being of our Congressional pages.

That brings us back to Pelosi and Reid. I think they're protesting too much. I think they're trying to divert attention from their own shortcomings, and other pressing matters that really concern our nation's security, like making John Bolton's appointment as ambassador to the Untied Nations permanent for instance.

I think there may just be a hint of jealously there. I hear Pelosi going on about being a mother and grandmother and I'm not sure, but there just may have been a catch to her voice when she hit that 'grandmother' note. Maybe she wishes that once, just once, or just once more, someone young and good looking would pay a little attention to her.

Maybe deep down inside, she and Reid are jealous over a pasty-faced, pudgy, middle-aged Republican getting all the attention while they are getting none. AWWWWWWW. Group hug everyone, group hug. Hurt feelings on board.

If the Democrats in Congress, and in state and local parties around the country for that matter, want the true support of the American public, and not just inherit the system by default, they would take the real high road in these matters and start offering some real solutions. Otherwise, all I see is opportunism leaping at a chance to blame the other side for failures that are systemic, not restricted to just one party.

And as I said in a previous post, these things have a way of blowing up right in the faces of those who point fingers and yell the loudest. It doesn't matter which side you are on, if you fight in the sewer, you are going to get dirty.


DaveW said...

Points well stated Ron. I particularly liked your comment "Give that man a cigar!", given what politicians do with their cigars nowdays.

Oh, and now he's stating that he gay and it's all because he was molested by a priest as a youngster. Is this some new sexually transmitted disease??

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